Instead of flourishing in profitable direct sales enabled by the Internet, most hotels fall prey of web-proficient intermediaries.

You may be convinced your hotel can be found on the Internet. Wake up!
You see yourself when you go to your own website. That is not how travelers search for you. They don't know your URL, they may not even know you exist. They search for [hotel+your city] and fall in a big tourist trap!

Thousands of hotels, yours included, have been hijacked by desperate agents and booking intermediaries, who kill your online visibility in order to force travelers to buy from them!

More on this worldwide web of deceit, dirty tricks, and search engine swindle later.
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Being on page one of search engine results is now mission critical, and has triggered a very dirty turf and guerilla war, you are victim off.

600+million travelers search the Web for hotel accommodation. According to PhocusWright and Hitwise, 70% of them now insist on dealing directly with the hotel(s) of their choice. They can't, because of sabotage!

Google and friends sell your identity to those who want to make you invisible in search engine results: agents, booking engines, and even your competitors.

Google and company sell to the highest bidders your 'keywords': the name of your hotel, your brand or trademark, the name of your city, 'sponsored links', and 'positioning', so that each time a traveler searches for these keywords, your identity disappears, and is replaced by a link to the highest bidders.

Google call this business 'AdWords". 'Panama 'is Yahoo, 'AdCenter' is Microsoft.

Ever wondered what makes Google one of the richest operators online (with a free search engine)? They sell what they don't even own. In many countries courts consider legal what you and I would call "blatant copyright and trademark infringement".

Travel agents and booking engines not only push you off the first pages of search results, replacing your details with links to their sites, but also hide all your contact details, preventing travelers from contacting you directly!

This sabotage also explain why all the money you pay expensive 'specialists' for search engine optimization (SEO) is completely wasted.
Forget about search engine optimization, and use this money more wisely!

According to Advertising Age (leading advertising market research company), Expedia and TripAdvisor paid Google AdWords $5.95 million for the month of June 2010 alone! paid Google $3.30 million for the same month.

Imagine the revenue such fiddling with search results, dirty tricks and sabotage "earns" them in return, month after month, day after day!

In many countries a large majority of brand owners (Unilever, Procter & Gamble, l'Oréal, Louis Vuiton, Hermès, LVMH, Novartis, and many more) recently sent Mr Eric Schmidt, president of Google, a warning with a deadline: "imminent legal action unless you stop selling our names and brands and trademarks you simply do not own".

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Hundreds of hotels recently announced a "group defamation action" against TripAdvisor and other publishers of testimonials. Expedia, TripAdvisor,, and many others are online booking engines, claiming to assist travelers with "unbiased" reviews.

The truth is that most of such testimonials are fakes, written by the hotel itself, or by its competitors, or by angry guests, or by third party companies selling and posting thousand of fake reviews to those intermediaries, for a price!
All these testimonials of course remain anonymous, or show fantasy initials.

Interbed's professional handling of testimonials is exclusive on the Internet:

"all testimonials on interbed are date-stamped and signed with the validated email address of the author". Why is this so important?

The date enables the hotelier to double-check the sender's stay; the email address allows anybody to contact the author. Interbed double-checks all those addresses and only publishes those testimonials signed with validated addresses, and kills any other:

All validated "angel stories"™ go online immediately, whereas validated "devil stories"™ first go to the hotelier, for completion, correction, or any other action the hotelier may feel appropriate, before posting the result. Only if no response from the hotel is received within 30 days will the testimonial go online.

Hoteliers the world over applaud this clear policy, and many prefer offering prospects and guest direct contact via Interbed.

Intercontinental Hotels Group IHC (including InterContinental, Crowne Plaza, Holiday Inn, Staybridge, Candlewood, Indigo) showed the way and simply blacklisted Expedia, TripAdvisor and What's keeping you!

Testimonials are important differentiators indeed. Interbed's reliable angel and devil stories™ are considered the best. How many little angels will you show?

The Internet returns all decision-making power to the traveler. Therefore you should deal directly with the traveler.

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All available GDS Global Distribution Systems are operated by agents, and cater for the obsolete indirect business model: commissions and fees.

Together with Interbed, YOU will build the only independent and guaranteed agent-free global database, consulted by more and more travelers in search for the best value-for-money hotel accommodation at their next destination.

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